We chose m3ter because they were the only provider that treated the problem of billing for metered pricing as a data problem, not a billing problem - which is the only way to solve it with any degree of scale and complexity. Combine that with their ability to execute based on their own intuitions and customer feedback, and we see this as a solution that will continue to compound for many years.

Zack Kanter, Founder & CEO at Stedi


m3ter serves enterprise software companies who deploy usage-based pricing, or are considering doing so.

These are drawn from a wide range of verticals, including payments, infrastructure, cybersecurity, ecommerce, education, communications, and business intelligence.


You’ll be charged for our metering and rating infrastructure based on the number of measurements you take and the number of API calls you make, subject to minimum commitments and allowances for storage and data egress.

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m3ter integrates easily with billing systems, finance systems, and Sales CRM, helping them work as required for usage-based pricing.

In particular, m3ter complements billing platforms, such as Paddle, by providing upstream usage data processing and spend calculations.

m3ter is also an enabling tool for pricing consultants working with usage-based pricing.

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