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How we can help you

m3ter is a platform that makes any pricing and billing work with all your quote-to-cash systems (and teams).

Integrate and accelerate workflows

m3ter plugs in to your existing quote-to-cash stack, and automatically keeps your invoicing, billing, and CRM systems accurate in real-time.

Discover untapped revenue

Pricing and packaging innovation drives revenue growth for businesses of all sizes, particularly in challenging market conditions. It's time to rethink how you price.

Close the books in minutes (not weeks)

Eliminate manual process, ensure billing accuracy and support "creative" sales teams at scale.


Identify growth opportunities

Deliver usage, spend, & cost data where needed across your finance stack to identify opportunities for growth, plus explore analytics in m3ter for key use cases.

Gain pricing flexibility

m3ter handles all usage-based scenarios whether you charge by subscription, usage, or a hybrid pricing model. Easily manage credits, prepayments, bundles, tiering and more.

Ingest and price usage data at scale

Getting usage data into m3ter and ready to drive billing is easy, flexible, and scalable with our sophisticated ingest and data transformation.

About us

Our founders, John Griffin and Griffin Parry experienced the challenges of deploying usage-based pricing in their previous SaaS startup, and then at AWS after being acquired by Amazon.

The m3ter team is on a mission to enable companies to realize their true value, by pricing and selling better.

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What our customers say

We chose m3ter because they were the only provider that treated the problem of billing for metered pricing as a data problem, not a billing problem - which is the only way to solve it with any degree of scale and complexity.

Zack Kanter, Founder & CEO at Stedi
Zach Kanter

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