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Create and Manage Products

You can create Products in m3ter to represent the products and services you offer to your end customers. To enable usage-based pricing for a Product, you can then:

  • Create Meters and Aggregations to collect usage data and define pricing metrics.

  • Set up Product Plans and apply Pricing to Plans using the usage data pricing metrics you've defined.

To create a Product:

1. In the Console, check to see that your Organization is selected at the bottom of the main navigation panel. If not, select it.

2. Select Products. The Products page opens and lists any existing Products in your Organization.

3. Select Create Product. The Create page opens:

4. On the Create page enter the details of your new Product:

  • Name. Enter a descriptive name.

  • Code. Unique identifier for the Product. You will need the Code as a unique id when submitting API calls, such as a call to retrieve a Product.

    • Note that when you enter a name and click in the Code field, a default code is entered based on the name you've entered, which you can then edit as required.

Tip: Required Attributes? Both attributes are required and are marked with a red asterisk.

5. Select Create:

The Product is created and the Product Details page opens:

6. If you want to edit a Product's details, select the Edit button, make your changes, and click Update.

7. If you want to remove a Product, return to the Products page and select the Delete button for the Product:

A confirmation popup opens.

8. Select Yes to confirm the delete action.

Custom Fields

You can define Custom Fields when creating a Product or edit the Product at a later date to do this. Any Custom Fields you create for an individual Product override those you've created for Products at the Organizational level. We strongly recommend reviewing Working with Custom Fields before you create Custom Fields.

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