m3ter APIs

The m3ter platform supports two HTTP-based REST APIs returning JSON encoded responses:

  • The Config API, which you can use for configuration requests and management.

  • The Ingest API, which you can use for submitting raw data measurements.

We impose limits on the calls you make to both of our APIs to maintain optimum performance and high availability for all customers. This section explains those limits and offers guidance on how to manage and optimize your measurement data submissions to the Ingest API within those limits:

A starter topic is also provided to help you to quickly get set up for making API calls into the platform with example requests:

We return error messages under HTTP error codes for API calls that are invalid or incomplete. These messages are designed to help you troubleshoot and quickly remedy the rejected call. The following topic lists the HTTP error codes and some common examples of why calls fail are given:

Note: The request rate and payload limits are imposed independently on our two APIs.

API Documentation

Before you attempt to submit any API calls to the m3ter system, we strongly recommend that you review our API Reference Documentation.

Bearer Token for API Calls

You'll need a Bearer Token when making API calls. For details on how to obtain a Bearer Token, see Service Authentication.

Additional Support

Login to the Support portal for additional help and to send questions to our Support team.