Turn product usage into revenue

m3ter’s Pricing Operations Platform powers every variation of usage-based pricing for software companies at all stages of growth. Ingest and enrich usage data, apply pricing, and generate error-free bills in real-time.

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Integrate usage, pricing, and account data

Save engineers time with a low code way to ingest, enrich, and store data at scale. Connecting your current Finance and Sales systems to our platform is a breeze, allowing you to effortlessly sync data across all your systems.

Automate billing operations

Automatically apply pricing and billing logic of any complexity, making it easy to calculate bills and recognize revenue at scale. Improved workflows free up valuable finance resources, revenue leakage is eliminated, and customers have a great experience with bills they can trust and usage data they can access in real-time.

Align teams around the same data

With access to real-time usage data, Sales and Customer Success teams are empowered to grow or save accounts at just the right time. Product and Engineering can add pricing to the product with usage and spend dashboards. Finance Planning & Analysis teams can better forecast and make informed business decisions.

Optimize pricing faster

Quickly launch new products and add-ons. Easily assess, test, and deploy pricing and packaging changes. Empower Sales teams to design custom pricing to win more deals, fostering pricing innovation and accelerating revenue.

Trust industry leading support

Transforming your pricing strategy requires a combination of technological and cultural change within your company. We have firsthand experience with this, and our expert team is committed to helping you every step of the way.

How m3ter works


Save your engineers time with a low code way to ingest, enrich, and store data at scale. m3ter handles high volumes of usage data, ensuring uptime and performance even during peak usage periods.


Aggregate usage data, apply complex business logic, and calculate charge items in real time.


Generate error-free bills in real-time and send to your downstream finance system for payment collection, allowing you to accurately capture and recognize revenue.

Plugs into your existing systems

m3ter connecting to your platform, sales CRM & CPQ, finance stack, reporting & analytics stack and public cloud

Native integrations

Out-of-the-box integrations with leading Finance, CRM, and CPQ systems make it easy to automatically sync data bi-directionally. With configuration options in the API and Console, both engineering and non-technical users can connect your tools.

Delighting engineers

An API-first service enabling deployment flexibility and high levels of automation.

Built for reliability and security

Whether you’re a scaling or established company, m3ter meets high standards for scale, security, compliance, and operational excellence.

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