End-Customer Accounts

You can create Accounts in the m3ter Console for end customers who consume your Products:

  • Accounts do not belong to a Product to allow for cases where an end customer takes more than one of your Products, and the charges for these Products differ.

  • You will typically attach a priced Plan or Plan Template to an Account before you generate bills for the Account. If an end customer consumes several of your Products, you can attach a priced Plan or Plan Template to the Account for charging against each Product.

    • An exception is a case where an Account is charged solely on the basis of an agreed Prepayment/Commitment amount but not all of the Prepayment is prepaid - you can use a customized billing schedule for outstanding fees without having to attach a Plan to the Account to generate Bills

  • When you have generated Bills against an Account, you can review the most recent ten Bills on the Account Overview tab. Charts are provided that track revenue and billed usage for these latest Bills.

  • For some of your end customer Accounts, you might want to apply a Prepayment/Commitment for those end customers who have agreed to pay a set amount over a fixed contract term for one of your Products.

  • You can create Child Accounts for end customers who hold multiple Accounts with you. You can then set up billing for the Parent/Child Account usage to have the end-customer billed once for the Parent Account, instead of having separate bills issued for usage against each of their multiple Accounts.

Before you begin to work in the Accounts area, we strongly recommend you review some best practice notes we've put together for managing your end-customer Accounts. These notes are intended to help you avoid any unintended and unwanted issues with your Organization's Accounts, such as loss of usage data associated with an Account:

This remaining topics in this section explain how to create and work with your Organization's Accounts:

Important! Personally Identifiable Information (PII). Under the Data Processing Agreement, the only fields you are allowed to use for any of your end customer PII data in m3ter are the name, address, and emailAddress fields on the Account entity - see the Create Account request schema as documented in our API Reference. See also section 4.2 of the Terms of Service.

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