Running, Viewing, and Managing Bills

The Billing area of the m3ter Console is designed to let you run, view, and manage Bills for your Accounts. You can:

  • View the current Bills for your Accounts.

  • Select an Account, set a new billing frequency and billing period, and view Bills for that Account and period.

  • Open a Bill for an Account and period to view Bill details with a breakdown of charges.

  • Open a Bill for an Account and period and add a credit line items.

You can also perform common tasks for billing management workflows:

  • View and approve a Bill.

  • Lock an approved Bill or set a global lock date for all Bills.

  • Re-calculate a Bill.

  • Re-run billing.

  • Review the Bill History for a selected Account.

  • Run billing manually by date and billing frequency using a Run billing modal.

You might want Bills to be updated on a regular basis. If so, you can set up scheduling for Bill creation at set intervals as part of your Organization configuration.

This section explains how to run and manage Bills for your Accounts:

Tip: Reviewing Billing Data? You can query for Billing data and review the returned data using the Data Explorer. See Performing Billing Queries and Reviewing Results.