Managing Bills

The Bill Management page allows you to review your Account Bills and perform common administrative tasks for managing them:

  • Run Bills and view Bill details.

  • Re-calculate Bills.

  • Approve and Lock Bills.

  • Approve all Bills

  • Set a global lock date to lock all Bills

  • Delete Bills

This topic explains how to work in the Bill Management page and manage the Bills for your Accounts.

To manage Bills:

1. Select Billing>Bill Management. The Bill Management page opens and the Bills that have been generated for your Accounts are listed. The Bills listed are those for the default settings of the current month.

2. If the Bills you want to work with are for a different period, use the Invoice Date calendar pop-ups to adjust the period accordingly. See Running Bills and Viewing Bill Details.

3. To select a specific Bill you want to work with, select the checkbox against it in the list. The Approve selected and Recalculate selected buttons at the bottom of the page are enabled.

Tip: Lock selected? If a Bill has not been approved, the Lock selected button remains disabled.

4. If you want to recalculate the Bill, select Recalculate selected. You might want to do this if you’ve updated the pricing Plan for the Account and want to check that the Bill is correct when calculated using the revised pricing.

5. If you want to approve the Bill, select Approve selected. The Lock selected button is enabled for the Bill.

6. If you want to approve all Bills in the list, select Approve all bills. The Approve all bills modal appears:

7. Select the calendar icon and use the Calendar pop-up to select the end date for Bill approval.

8. Select Approve bills. The modal closes and all Bills dated up to and including the selected approval date will be approved.

9. If you want to lock the Bill, select Lock selected. You can no longer select the Bill.

Warning! If you re-run billing, locked Bills are excluded.

10. If you want to set a date for when all Bills will be locked, select this as the end date for the Invoice Date period and then select Set global lock date. Any Bill with an end date on or before the date set will be locked.

11. If you want to delete a Bill, select the checkbox of the Bill and then select Delete selected. A pop-up appears asking you to confirm the delete - click Yes if you want to proceed.

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