Submitting Usage Data Adjustments Using Timestamp

When you are setting things up to Submit usage data, the Timestamp field is automatically populated with the current date/time. You can edit this field and enter your own past date/time value for the usage data submission:

  • The data item is ingested immediately into m3ter.

  • The date/time value you enter determines billing for the submitted usage.

  • The date/time value you enter for the submission is used for the usage data item in the Data Explorer - when you query for usage data, the date/time value you've entered for the submission is shown for Meter Data Fields and is the value that can be filtered on. If the Meter also has Derived Fields whose value is calculated with reference to the Meter Data Fields, the custom date/time value you enter for the submission is applied to any such Derived Fields also.

Adjusting the Timestamp to use date/time values in the past for submitted usage data is useful if you need to make corrections for billing retrospectively against an Account - you can submit positive or negative usage data amounts to correct and reconcile earlier billing anomalies.

Important! Please Note:

  • Future Date/Times. If you edit the Timestamp value, you must enter a date/time that is in the past. If you try to submit usage date for a future date/time, the submission will be rejected and you'll receive an error message.

  • Deleting and recreating Account with same Code. You cannot send usage data adjustment measurements for an Account when the Account Code has been reused for a different Account. We strongly recommend not reusing Account Codes - for more details, see Managing Accounts - Best Practices.

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