Config API Limits

This topic explains the limits we impose on API calls you make to our Config API.

Request Rate Limits

On the Config API, we impose the following request rate limits:

  • Source IP Address. Individual host machines can send up to 20,000 requests over a rolling 5-minute period. (An average of 16 requests per second)

  • m3ter Organization. Each m3ter Organization can send a maximum of 50 requests per second from any number of source IP addresses.

If you exceed either of these rate limits, requests are throttled and an HTTP 429 (Too Many Requests) error response is returned:

  • Source IP address rate limit - 429 is returned until the total number of requests in the rolling 5-minute period drops below 20,000.

  • m3ter Organization rate limit - 429 is returned for the remainder of the second in which throttling has occurred.

You'll need to retry requests when throttling has finished.

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