Pricing and Managing Plans and Plan Templates

In m3ter, you can use the Pricing Editor to quickly price up and review your Plans and Plan Templates:

  • First, add a Plan or Plan Template.

  • Second, add the Aggregations you want to link to the Plan or Plan Template and then use the Aggregations to create a pricing based on usage data.

  • Configure the exact pricing structure you want to use for charging your end customers who are put on the priced Plan to charge them for consuming one of your Products.

  • Easily review, compare, edit, or duplicate your priced Plans and Plan Templates, which are set out side-by-side in the Pricing Editor.

Tip: Pricing Plan Templates? If you have a Product where you want to charge the same pricing rates for usage for all Accounts that consume the Product but vary the standing charge across different Accounts, you can price up a Plan Template and then quickly create multiple Plans using the template and define specific standing charges for each Plan. For example, this approach is useful if you have a single Product where the end customer accounts that consume the same Product might be placed on different account levels - for example Standard or Premium - and the only difference is that the Premium customer pays a smaller standing charge.

This section lets you review pricing options, explains how to price your Plans or Plan Templates using the Pricing Editor, and how to go on to manage, edit, or duplicate them:

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