What SaaS companies achieve with m3ter

  1. Capture usage data
  2. Apply pricing in real time
  3. Automate billing operations
  4. Deliver usage and spend data to customers, Sales, and BI systems
  5. Help Sales and Finance work smarter with key analytics tools

m3ter integrates with existing systems and ‘upskills’ them for usage-based pricing, enabling usage, spend, and margin data to flow throughout the organization.

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m3ter connecting to your platform, sales CRM & CPQ, finance stack, reporting & analytics stack and public cloud
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Usage metering

m3ter’s schema allows you to flexibly define usage tracking specific to your business, capture multiple attributes per measurement, and apply custom logic on the fly at ingest.

Formatting errors, duplications, and omissions are automatically identified and remediated, and the data is normalised, transformed, and stored in raw form.

From any source

Ingest via API, file-based API, message queue, or Segment, with idempotence support.

Scale & flexibility

Process tens of thousands of measurements per second, and flexibly export data to any destination

Cost metering too

Capture costs via API or using pre-built connectors to AWS. Our analytics allocate these to customers to identify margin performance.


Broad pricing model support

Our toolkit includes all usage-based pricing models (volume, tiered, stairstep) and a wide variety of pricing tools including standing charges, one-time fees, overages, bundling, ‘credits as usage’, and ‘credits as currency’. We also support a broad range of post-rating logic including minimums, commitments, pre-payments and drawdowns, and discounts.

m3ter console showing pricing configuration

Flexible pre-processing

Generate billable data by applying custom logic to any measurement attribute or a combination thereof, and then any aggregation function (SUM, MAX etc). Attribute-based segmentation avoids SKU proliferation.

Real time bill calculation

Calculate invoice line items on demand and in real time. This allows running totals to be provided to customers or Sales mid-billing cycle, and alerts and notifications to be triggered at specified thresholds.

Ingesting pricing config

Pricing can be ingested from upstream CPQ systems using the m3ter API, and/or managed directly in our console.


Approval Workflows

m3ter will automatically calculate bills to any schedule, including customer-specific billing dates.

These are available for review by billing operations teams with a three state workflow - pending; approved; locked.

On approval, invoice line items are delivered to downstream invoicing systems.

Enterprise accounts

Account management controls allow flexible setup of parent/child relationships and associated bill payment options.

Querying data

Our Data Explorer allows powerful querying of usage, spend, and drawdown against commitments.

Revenue Recognition

Our RevRec module allows configuration and automation of revenue calculations on a per customer basis, with delivery to the GL.

Data and Analytics

Data emancipation

m3ter emits usage, spend, and margin data on a per customer basis, on demand and in real time. Configurable alerts allow notifications to be sent automatically where thresholds are approached or breached.

Use our API and integrations to deliver this data throughout your stack. Typical use cases including building a billing dashboard for customers, powering your BI stack, or displaying key data in your CRM.
Data visualisation of customer usage

Margin analysis

m3ter algorithmically allocates shared costs to customers leveraging usage data, so you can identify lower margin customers and take action with pricing.

Customer Insights

Coming soon, ‘Customer Insights’ will provide a dashboard for each individual customer, showing usage, spend, and margin, both to-date and forecast.

Further analytics

Our roadmap includes Exec Dashboards showing KPI for usage-based SaaS, and Pricing Optimizer to show potential pricing changes applied to historical usage data.


Drops into your existing stack

m3ter ‘upskills’ your stack for usage-based pricing without replacing existing systems.

Our bi-directional integrations with common quote-to-cash tooling enable automated data flows and synchronization of data objects, or you can build custom integrations with our open API.

Visual representation of m3ter's processes and its integrations

Native integrations

We build and maintain native integrations with commonly used tooling - currently NetSuite, Salesforce, Stripe, and Paddle, with Chargebee, QuickBooks, and Xero in beta.

Integration management

Our native integrations also include a UI for non-technical users to manage data object mappings, configuration, and review sync processes.

Custom integrations

For systems not provided for by our native integrations, we have an iPaaS partnership that enables point solutions to be delivered quickly, or you can build your own with our open API.


Set yourself up in days in 4 easy steps

  1. Configure meters

    Define your measurements and their attributes, and any custom logic to be applied on the fly. Then choose how you want to ingest data (API, file, streaming, or from Segment).

  2. Configure pricing

    Define pricing and its supporting aggregations at product catalog and customer level, using our configuration tools.

  3. Integrate systems

    Use our native integrations to link m3ter to upstream and downstream systems and map accounts and data fields.

  4. Define permissions

    Set up role types and permissions using our security and access management tools.