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The World of Credit Models in SaaS Pricing

This guide, crafted by James Wood, Marek Rubasinski, and Hrishi Rajadhyaksha, demystifies usage credit models for SaaS and tech businesses. It covers which companies should use them, the different types, the benefits, and go-to-market applications, all based on our extensive customer conversations.

The Ultimate Guide to Usage-Based Pricing

Discover the power of usage-based pricing with our ultimate guide. Whether you're new to the concept or a seasoned pro, our guide covers everything you need to know about usage-based pricing. Learn how it can benefit your business and gain insights into its impact on revenue and customer retention.

Software Pricing Predictions Report - 2024

This report draws from insights of 10 software pricing experts from diverse backgrounds, including SaaS founders, pricing leaders, startup advisors, and VC investors. Their collective knowledge ensures data-backed predictions for software pricing in 2024.

The SaaS Pricing Spectrum

In this guide, we explore three SaaS pricing models: fixed subscription, consumption, and hybrid. You'll delve into the significance of pricing, examine the advantages and disadvantages of each model, and understand when to apply them.

Something Old, Something New: The History and Future of Pricing

Unveiling surprising continuities, "Something Old, Something New" explores pricing's historical roots and its connection to modern business practices. Is usage-based pricing a break from the past or an evolution? Discover the answer.

B2B SaaS Pricing Predictions Report 2023

Our inaugural SaaS Pricing Predictions report from 2023 will show you just how quickly UBP is evolving. Check into our 2024 guide for the latest predictions and tips from the experts.

A CFO’s Guide to Calculating SaaS Metrics with Usage-based Revenue

This comprehensive guide tackles the many nuances of calculating SaaS metrics with usage-based and hybrid revenue streams

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