m3ter for Engineering

Free up Engineering from billing overhead

Our engineers built the leading usage-based billing system so you don’t have to. Configure m3ter to run billing exactly how you want. Integrate with your existing systems. Automate the repetitive billing tasks you’ve been bogged down with.

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Trusted by engineers at scale-up companies like yours

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New pricing applied, resulting in +22% revenue

Connect your existing systems and automate billing

m3ter gives you flexibility and control throughout the entire implementation process.

Once configured, the platform can be managed by the Billing Operations team directly in the UI.

Set up your current pricing and billing, no matter how complex. And if you need to change pricing, you won’t have to worry about any additional data configuration or re-ingestion of usage data.

Ingest high volumes of product usage data via API, file upload, or with our Ingest Agent (coming soon) – without the need for complex data transformation or pre-aggregation.

Connect your existing product, CRM, and finance tools using our REST API and native integrations.

Reliably send usage summaries and customer spend data to downstream applications, warehouses, BI tools, or customer portals.

Debugging is easy with clear, actionable errors shown right in the UI, via API, and via event-driven notifications from both m3ter and third parties.


m3ter makes it straightforward to handle simple use cases, while supporting advanced requirements with a consistent, predictable API and out-of-the box integrations, which really reduced our time-to-market and total cost of ownership.

Daniel Karni
Engineering Manager, ClickHouse

Built for scalability and performance

m3ter has high availability, scalability, and robust error handling to ensure seamless processing and operational continuity, even at massive scale.

Highly-available architecture

Engineered for high availability, our public cloud, microservice-based architecture ensures your operations are always on and resilient.

Optimized for high volumes

Our platform is built to handle the demands of large data volumes and intensive workloads, ensuring consistent performance as your business evolves.

Advanced error handling

Efficient error handling and event-based notifications keep your systems running smoothly – even when processing billions of records – ensuring uninterrupted operations.

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ClickHouse went to market 3x faster with their new cloud database by implementing a billing system in just two months with m3ter.

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Bill accuracy and data security you trust

We know your billing and finance data is sensitive. That’s why m3ter is both SOC 1 & 2 Type I & II compliant, so you can be confident your customer data is secure.

You can maintain security with OAuth 2 authentication and granular access control. And, your data is safe and recoverable when stored in m3ter, thanks to our robust disaster recovery protocols.

Because we receive and store your raw data, it’s easy to run billing again and make any changes if you need to fix a bill or update pricing. This means your data is always accurate and it’s straightforward for engineers to keep it that way.

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Comprehensive documentation

From getting started guides to in-depth feature documentation, jump into our Docs to learn more about m3ter.

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Complete API reference

Get started with m3ter’s REST API, from authentication to making requests.

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Built to equip every team around pricing and billing

Finance & Billing Operations

Automate complex usage-based billing

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Automate billing processes to unblock product innovation

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Sales & Customer Success

From sale to renewal, deliver the best customer experiences

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