Editing Plan Templates and Plans

When you have created and configured Plan Templates and Plans, you can:

  • Edit them to change details.

  • Open a Details page and review any pricing associated with them.

This topic explains how to edit and review your Plan Templates and Plans.

Note: Editing and reviewing a Plan Template is the same as for a Plan. The procedure given here explains how to for a Plan.

To edit and review a Plan:

1. Select Pricing>Plans. The Plans page opens.

2. In the Product drop-down, select the Product for the Plan you want to edit or review. Existing Plans for the Product are listed.

3. If you want to edit the details of a Plan, select the edit icon. The Edit page opens.

4. Make the required editing changes to the Plan details.

5. Select Update Plan.

Tip: Check Plan Template Details? When you open a Plan to edit its details, the Edit page shows the Plan Template on which the Plan is based. You can select the name text of the Plan Template to open it directly and check its details.

6. If you want to review a Plan, select its Name text in the listing. The Plan Details page opens. Also shown is any Associated Pricing for the Plan.

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