James Wood

Head of Product, m3ter

James Wood is an experienced SaaS and technology pricing and packaging expert, who has worked with over 400 companies as an advisor, consultant and operator. Previously at Insight Partners, he founded and grew the pricing and packaging operations team and worked with founders and executives across the portfolio on their challenges. This was also where he first met the m3ter team! James learned his trade at Simon-Kucher, where he spent 7 years on monetization and growth projects for some of the world’s biggest brands in tech and beyond, and also led Segment’s pricing and packaging journey from Series A before their $3.2bn acquisition by Twilio.

James Wood

Apr 01, 2024

How to Build a High-Impact Pricing Committee

In this article, James Wood from m3ter breaks down the ins and outs of pricing committees for SaaS businesses, covering what they are, why they matter, who's involved, when they come into play, and how they work.

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