Renaldo Galipo

Director of Product, m3ter

Renaldo Galipo has spent 20+ years designing, developing and implementing billing systems, having worked as an engineer at Oracle on Service and Leasing products, as well as implementing various Financial ERP systems at large multinationals. In 2013 he moved into SaaS billing with Zuora, architecting solutions across a broad range of customers, focusing on revenue and payments. At m3ter he oversees product direction & strategy.

Renaldo Galipo

Oct 06, 2022

How m3ter Deals With Billing Complexities for Customers

Our first two articles in this series walked you through the effects of UBP on billing operations and what your financial teams need to know about implementing a UBP strategy. Now that we’ve gone in-depth on this topic, we’ll run you through how m3ter deals with these complexities in billing. 

Pricing Operations

Oct 04, 2022

Implementing Usage-Based Pricing: What Your Financial Teams Need to Know

In our latest blog, we run through what financial teams need to know for the smooth implementation of usage-based pricing.


Sep 22, 2022

How Usage-Based Pricing Affects Billing Operations

We examine the opportunities and pitfalls of usage-based pricing as well as how finance teams can mitigate the challenges involved.


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