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What’s New in m3ter: Winter 2024 ❄️

As we transition from winter to spring, let's explore the latest updates in m3ter. We've introduced new features for Billing Operations, Finance, and Technical teams to streamline your work. Grab a coffee and discover how these enhancements can benefit your team.

Kelly Singsank, Director of Product Marketing
Kelly SingsankDirector of Product Marketing, m3ter
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As we transition from winter to spring, let's explore the latest updates in m3ter. We've introduced new features for Billing Operations, Finance, and Technical teams to streamline your work. Grab a coffee and discover how these enhancements can benefit your team.

New Features and Enhancements

For Billing Operations and Finance teams

Reorder columns in the Bills List 

Use the new drag-and-drop feature in Bill Management to quickly reorder columns for Bills listing to best suit you daily operational tasks and workflows.

View a breakdown of overage usage on a bill

When you're reviewing bills, you'll probably want to take a closer look at the line items to get more details before approving them for payment. With m3ter, you can now dive into a detailed breakdown of each usage line item. 

This is especially handy for teams deeply involved in bill management, allowing them to instantly see an account's status regarding any overages directly from the bill itself.

Enhanced Account Management

Sometimes you just need to quickly check on an account, whether it's to look over their latest bill, double-check their plans, or see the status of prepayments. Now, with two handy charts in the Accounts Overview tab, staying updated is easy:

  1. Total Account Revenue for Latest Bills: Get a snapshot of an account's revenue performance. Simply hover over a bill date to view the total amount billed.
  2. Billed Usage: Discover the total billed usage according to a pricing metric. Switch between different Aggregations to customize the report.

For Technical teams

Integrations and data management:

New beta release: Xero native integration

The Xero native integration is now available as a beta release version in the Console, allowing you to seamlessly connect your Xero accounting system with m3ter. This integration enables you to automatically sync your billing, streamlining financial processes and enhancing data accuracy. With this connection, you can easily export invoice details, manage billing cycles, and gain deeper insights into your pricing metrics directly from m3ter. 

Upload a file for usage data ingestion

We offer several ways for submitting your usage data to m3ter for ingest. To facilitate manual uploads of usage data for QA purposes or to test pricing models, for example, we’ve built a UI for File Upload. Here is how it works:

  1. Download the provided CSV template. It supports up to 1,000 measurement rows.
  2. Before ingestion, the uploaded file will be parsed and displayed in a table for review and validation. Any issues with formatting, required codes, or necessary meter data field values will be highlighted, ensuring a successful upload.
Easily resolve ingest failure events

When a usage data measurement doesn't ingest correctly, m3ter generates an "Ingest Validation Failure Event" which you'll find listed on the new Ingest Events page in the Console.

Here's what you can do:

  1. Review and Troubleshoot
    1. Visit the Ingest Events page to review and address the issue.
  2. Error Log and Resolution
    1. Download the error log in JSON format to get detailed error insights.
    2. Once resolved, mark the Event as actioned to update its status.
  3. Set up notifications
    1. Ingest failures use the m3ter Events and Notifications system, so you can set up notifications as with any other event type.
Integrations update - Bulk External Mappings

You can now create bulk External Mappings for a specific mapping type, enhancing your 3rd-party integrations and streamlining your workflows.

Security and user management:

Enhanced security and easier log-in with Single Sign-On

m3ter’s new Single Sign-On (SSO) allows users with federated identities from various Identity Providers (IdPs) to sign into m3ter without the need for manual user or identity provisioning in m3ter. SSO streamlines the login process, enhancing user convenience and security. 

Setup SSO for your organization today by following these instructions.

Submitting usage data for non-existent accounts

While we advise setting up accounts before submitting usage data measurements, we understand that this might not always be feasible. To prevent the rejection of usage data measurements when an account has not yet been established, m3ter will automatically create an account for you.

Resend Temporary Password to Users 

Your m3ter Admins now have the ability to resend temporary passwords to users who did not use their originally issued temporary password within the 30-day validity period.

Customization and notifications:

Build custom notifications for your unique use cases

In m3ter, there are various activities, known as events, that could prompt notifications. Now, you can craft custom events using Date/Time fields. For instance, if a customer's payment is 10 days overdue, your Billing Operations team can be alerted.

You can now use API calls to do just this - to create, configure, and manage custom events - called Scheduled Event Configurations in m3ter. This gives you additional flexibility, enabling you to customize notifications beyond the default m3ter events.

Create/Edit Form Field Grouping 

On the create and edit configuration forms, fields are now presented under functional groupings with mandatory and optional field groupings labeled accordingly. When building a configuration to meet their specific functional requirements, this allows users to quickly focus on the fields relevant to required features and ignore those features not needed for their specific requirements

Coming Soon

Our team is working on some other exciting big releases coming soon. Stay tuned for our next What’s New where we’ll cover the latest.

  • Salesforce managed package on the Salesforce AppExchange
  • Out-of-the-box Paddle integration
  • Native support for seat-based-billing
  • And more!

Inspiration & Insights from m3ter, our partners, and the community:

Check out our Changelog for a running list of feature releases.

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