Explore how m3ter enables every team to drive pricing and billing success.

Finance & Ops

Easily connect your existing systems with m3ter's native integrations so you can automate the entire billing process from product usage to payment collection.

Prevent revenue leakage by accurately accounting for every transaction. Pinpoint lower margin customers so you can take action and improve profitability.

Introduce new products, prices, and plans with minimal effort.

Give your Sales teams the flexibility they need for challenging, complex negotiations that lead to faster revenue growth, without sacrificing your team’s ability to execute.


Improve your time-to-market by testing, launching, and iterating without engineering work. m3ter enables you to build the best product while delivering robust and flexible billing solutions in record time.

Our low-code transformation of usage events into bills is easy to configure, and our API-first approach makes it simple to ingest product events and send data wherever you need it.

Improve your user experience with our platform's speed, flexibility, and transparency in billing.

Unite your company around product adoption by monitoring real-time customer usage. Utilize real data to determine the best packaging strategies for customer success.


m3ter's easy UI, open API and powerful pricing configurations deliver robust, flexible, and scalable billing solutions at record speed, allowing engineers to focus on building your product.

Integrate existing systems with our bi-directional API, simplifying ingestion of product events and data distribution. Don't worry about pre-aggregating data, m3ter can handle it during the ingest process.

Delight Finance and Sales peers with our broad feature set that fully meets their requirements.

Reduce maintenance efforts by enabling non-technical users to independently manage pricing and integrations.

Sales & Customer Success

Close deals faster with m3ter's pricing flexibility, enabling you to design custom pricing that wins and expands accounts.

Earn customer trust in a usage-based pricing world by surfacing near real-time insights into usage and spend right in your product.

Be proactive with configurable alerts from m3ter, guiding you to initiate conversations with customers at the right time, whether usage is flexing up or down or approaching thresholds.

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